The VDNKh first opened its doors to visitors in 1939 as the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition and was built by the vision of Joseph Stalin to create a cultural centre glorifying the ideology of communism and socialism. This massive complex was situated in the North-East part of Moscow as a large park with over 80 architecturally inspiring pavilions built as exhibition space, with its original objective to display the latest industry achievements and the inventions of Soviet scientists. Best architects, sculptors and painters of those times worked together on the exhibition structure and the pavilions to bring the ‘Communist Eden on Earth’ into realityHowever with the fall of the Soviet Union the complex has begun its decay and pavilions have been turned from impressive exhibition halls into derelict monuments of the Soviet epoch. The project documents this fall from grace, however still noting the underlying grandeur of this utopian idea and its afterlife. Nowadays the pavilions and sites of the VDNKh are either under restoration or functioning again as exposition spaces. It is a popular place in Moscow with various exhibitions and festival taking place there throughout the year.

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