Marco Pesaresi Award for Contemporary Photography - Finalist.

11th Julia Margaret Cameron Award:
Documentary category – Finalist;
Portrait category – Honorable Mention.

Joop Swart Masterclass 2018 - Nominated.

Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 2016 – Arts Category.

Gabriele Basilico International Prize in Architecture and Landscape Photography
Biennial Award – Winner.

30 Under 30 – Shortlisted,
The Photography Show & Magnum Photos.

LensCulture Exposure Award – Finalist.

30 Under 30 | Women Photographers – Photo Boite. 

Kontinent Awards
Documentary Projects Category Official Selection.

Magenta Flash Forward Emerging Photographer.

Fresh Faced Wild Eyed. 

Ideas Tap and Magnum Photos Photographic Award.

PDNedu Student Photography contest
Documentary/Photojournalism Category – Finalist. 

Joss Turley Award
Recipient of the annual Joss Turley Award, UK.

D&AD competition, Photography category, InBook status. 

Firecrackers: Female Photographers Now written by Fiona Rogers and Max Houghton,
published by Thames & Hudson (2017), ISBN-10:0500544743, ISBN-13:978-0500544747.

The Song of Tkvarcheli / La Canzone di Tkvarcheli published by Danilo Montanari
Editore (2017), ISBN: 978-8885449008.

BORDER: A journey along the edges of Russia published by Schilt Publishing (2016), ISBN: 978-9053308783.

Direction–Space! published by Dewi Lewis Publishing (2011), ISBN: 978-1-907893-05-6.


& Fairs


Women in Focus, National Museum Cardiff, 5 May 2018–27 January 2019.

5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Barcelona.

«По Краям», Павильон №64, ВДНХ, Москва.
At the Fringes, Pavilion №64, VDNKh, Moscow, Russia,

Salty Taste of the Black Sea, Tbilisi Photo Festival, Georgia.

The Song of Tkvarcheli, Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence, Italy.

VICE Magazine Photo Show, House Atype, New York, USA.

The Song of Tkvarcheli, Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. della Provincia di Milano, Milan, Italy.

The Song of Tkvarcheli, Fondazione Riccardo Catella, Milan, Italy.

The Universe and Art exhibition, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

The Borders of Russia, Festival of Political Photography: Homeland,
Carte Blanche Finnish Museum of Photography, projection at Night of the Year,
Les Recontres d'Arles, France.

The Borders of Russia, Festival of Political Photography: Homeland,
The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland.

Borderlines, Athens Photo Festival: Reframe Memory, Athens, Greece. 

LensCulture Exposure Award, LCC, London, UK.

IC – Visual Lab & Some Cities: In Common, Photographic screening,
MAC Birmingham, UK. 

Photographic screening and publication by Self Publish, Be Happy;
Serpentine Galleries and 89plus Marathon, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London, UK. 

IC - Visual Lab: In Common, Photographic screening, Bristol, UK. 

Night Contact: multimedia and photography festival,
Photographic screening, London, UK.

The Story of the Creative, Photographic screening and exhibition,
See|Exhibition Space, New York, USA.

Portfolio Russie, Photographic screening,
Russian issue, Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium. 

Fresh Faced Wild Eyed, Competition and exhibition,
The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK. 

Ideas Tap & Magnum Photos Photographic Award,
Exhibition and screening, Magnum Print Room, London, UK. 

Joyful Archipelago group show,
Yinka Shonibare Guest Projects, London, UK. 

Transience group exhibition, Alliance Francaise, Malaysia.    

Foto8 Summershow, Host gallery, London, UK.   

Transience group exhibition,
Galerie Huit Open Salon: Photography competition – Finalist, Arles, France. 

Photography screening, Instant-coffees Photography-Projections 4,
Bristol Photo Forum, Bristol, UK. 

Photographic screening, Tbilisi Photo Festival, Georgia.

VOLTA6 Basel, Switzerland.     

Direction—Space! solo exhibition at Pobeda gallery, Moscow, Russia.   

Lectures, Conferences
& Workshops  


Why Do They Shoot the World?
Trialog Vol.2 and IMA magazine, Tokyo, Japan.

Artist talk, Brighton and Hove Camera Club.

La Canzone di Tkvarcheli, Artist Talk,
Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence, Italy.

Direction-Space! Artist talk,
The Eye International Photography Festival, Aberystwyth.

The Universe and Art, Artist talk,
Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

Power Shots – Can Photography Make a Change?,
Festival of Political Photography,
The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki.


Photoworks #3 Space – Maria Gruzdeva shares images from her series Direction–Space! for our third issue Photography+Space. Timed to coincide with the anniversary of the moon landing, Gruzdeva shares an insight into her process, how she thinks about photography and why she makes work.

Tokyo and Me Vol.7: Maria Gruzdeva, IMA Magazine Vol.25, Autumn 2018.

"It" Photographers in Millenials, IMA Magazine Vol.24, Summer 2018.

Portfolio: Maria Gruzdeva; L’impero colpisce ancora, text by Luigi Offeddu, Amica, September Issue 2017.

Maria Gruzdeva on Mark Power, Two Photographers' Idyllic Images of Russia and England, VICE, Photo Issue, August 2017, Vol.24, No.6.

La Canzone di Tkvarcheli; La Republicca, 13.04.17, Edizione Milano, p.18.

Cartoline da una città-fantasma; Corriera della Sera, 12.04.17, Edizione Milano, p.17.

Maria Gruzdeva: Identity Borders, Lamono #111 EMPTY, February/March 2017.

Man Versus Machine, How do we make technology work better for us?
Photos by Maria Gruzdeva, VICE, February 2017, Vol.15, No.1.

Border Land: Maria Gruzdeva's travels on the edge of Russia – in pictures; Maria Gruzdeva took photos spanning the 60,000km Russian border – from the military in Kaliningrad to wooden neighbourhoods in Arkhangelsk, The Guardian online, 26 Jan 2017.

Langs de Grenzen, NRC newspaper, 23 December 2016.

The Photographer Searching for Belonging in Russia's Most Isolated Areas, Sleek Magazine.

Revolution; Maria Gruzdeva, Katalog 27.2, Journal of Photography & Video.

BORDER: A journey along the edges of Russia, Ydoc foundation.

Border, Russian Life magazine, November/December 2016.

A photographic journey along Russia's 60,000km border; Border: a photographic travelogue by Maria Gruzdeva documents the rare and often undiscovered frontiers of Russia, Creative Review.

Borderland: the edge of Russia, Photographer Maria Gruzdeva recounts her journey along Russia’s 60,000 km border – the longest national border in the world, Port Magazine.

Exploring 60,000km of Russian border territory, Maria Gruzdeva tells a story of a complicated nation..., We Heart.

Maria Gruzdeva, Border: A journey along the edges of Russia, L'Oeil de la Photographie.

Stars as Illusion: from the USSR space industry to private satellites,
Roshia NOW, Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, 31 March 2016.

A view on the edges: The Borders by Maria Gruzdeva, Esquire Russia, February.

A photographer investigates life along Russia's vast borders, Atlas Obscura: guide to the world's wondrous and curious places.

Soviet Space Dreams, Inner Space: at home with the cosmonauts of Star City,
The Calvert Journal: a guide to creative Russia.

Maria Gruzdeva explores the cosmonaut training facilities of Russia, Its Nice That.

Star City aging gracefully: Maria Gruzdeva captures the aesthetics of the secretive Russian space facilities, SME Newspaper weekend supplement,  31 October 2015.

Inside Star City: Russia's retro cosmonaut training facility – in pictures, Documenting the country's space centres, photographer Maria Gruzdeva offers a rare look inside the secretive facilities, still in use today, The Guardian online, 21 Oct 2015.

Shooting the Edges: a photographic survey of Russia's borders by Maria Gruzdeva,
VICE, March 2015, Vol.13, No.2.

The Borders of Russia: a survey, FK magazine.

L'extrême Europe, text by Michael Foucher, photos by Maria Gruzdeva;
The Eyes, le magazine, Europe & Photography, issue #3, Fall-Winter 2014.

Shooting History – photographer Maria Gruzdeva's 70,000km journey along the post-Soviet borderlands, The Calvert Journal: a guide to creative Russia.

Direction – Space! by Maria Gruzdeva,
GUP – Guide to Unique Photography #41: Professions issue.

New wave: 24 photographers changing the way we see Russia,
The Calvert Journal: a guide to creative Russia.

February Feature – Maria Gruzdeva,
Firecracker: supporting European women photographers.

Masking the Problem, The Borders of Russia by Maria Gruzdeva,
The Sunday Telegraph Seven Magazine, 13.05.2012.

Russian Females in the Frame by Ben Luke, exhibition review, 
Evening Standard, 13.04.2012.

Direction–Space! by Maria Gruzdeva, Story of the Week, Foto8.

Star City Exposed: Photographer Maria Gruzdeva’s Direction-Space! delves into Russia’s cosmonaut training center, NOWNESS.

Behind the scenes of cosmonaut history by Kat Austen, Culture lab, New Scientist online.

Direction–Space! by Maria Gruzdeva,
Independent on Sunday, book review, 27.03.2011, pp.66-67

Direction–Space! Inside Russia’s space facilities by Piers Bizony.
Telegraph magazine, 26.03.2011, pp.42-49

Cosmonaut ghost town: a photo essay Maria Gruzdeva May – June issue, Design Bureau Magazine, pp.6, 94-103.

‘El cosmos a ras de suelo: Con su cámara de fotos como único telescopio, María Gruzdeva explora las interioridades el espacio exterior’, El Mundo, Spain, 12.04.2010.